All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming

We offer full service, all breed pet grooming.

All of our groomers are well trained and gentle.

At Coronado Pet Shoppe your pet can get:

  • Pattern Clips,Hand Scissor Clips, and Guard Clips
  • Bath & Brush
  • Toenail Trimming
  • Anal Gland Release
  • Flea & Tick Dipping: We ONLY┬ádip animals if we see any bugs on them. Dip only kills what is on them and DOES NOT PREVENT┬áthem from getting more bugs

General Prices:

It all depends on the type of Dog or Cat, the Size and Condition they’re currently in. We DO NOT give exact prices on grooming without seeing your pet first. The following prices are General Estimates only.

Hair Cuts & Baths:

Any animal that has fleas or ticks will be dipped at the time of grooming at the pet owner’s expense – $12.00 w/grooming.

Dogs: (Depending on condition)
Small: (haircut) $45.00 and up
Small: (bath) $30.00 and up
Large: (haircut) $60.00 and up
Large: (bath) $40.00 and up

Cats: (Depending on condition)
Short hair: (haircut) $60.00 and up
Short hair: (bath) $42.00 and up
Long hair: (haircut) $65.00 and up
Long hair: (bath) $47.00 and up

Dip Only:

$24.00 for large breed dogs
$20.00 for small breed dogs
$22.00 for cats

Toe Nails Only:

$8.00 for large breed dogs
$6.00 for small breed dogs
$2.00 extra for file

Toe Nails & Anal Glands:

$12.00 for large breed dog

$10.00 for small breed dogs

Glands only:


Teeth Brushing:

$ 3.00 with grooming