Meet the Staff

Amanda Harvey

Amanda is the President & Owner of Coronado Pet Shoppe. She is the mother of 2 teenage boys, “Dallas” & “Tyler” and has a Fur Baby Shih-Tzu named “Chanel.”


Brandi is a full-time groomer with 19 years experience, 16 of those years at Coronado Pet Shoppe. Brandi loves every animal as if they were her own. She has 2 Fur Babies, a Chihuahua named “Spike” and a cat named “Kisker” who both love coming to Coronado Pet Shoppe for “Spa Day.”

Caleb James

Caleb is a certified vet tech. He has worked at Coronado Pet Shoppe as a groomer. He is very loving to all animals and has his own little cutie named Boss. Caleb is the store manager.


Misty has groomed dogs & cats for 13 years. She says, “I love grooming pets and I do my very best to make sure the Fur Babies are comfy & beautiful.” Misty has a Boston Terrier named “Ricky” and a Pit named “Luscious.”

Samantha “Sam”

Sam has been in the pet care business for 13 years, bathing & drying pets for 10 years, now a groomer who learned her trade “hands-on” from a fabulous groomer. Sam totally LOVES her job, looks forward to coming to work and taking care of Fur Babies everyday. Sam also has a Fur Baby of her own; a Malty-poo names “Trouble,” who, she admits, is completely spoiled.


Shelly is a full-time groomer at Coronado Pet Shoppe. She has been grooming small-breed dogs for over 30 years. Shelly says, “I groom because I love animals & I care to do my very best.” Shelly has 3 Fur Babies of her own, a female chihuahua named “Pixie,” a female chihuahua named “Jasmin” and a female Pomeranian named “Dakota.”